Custom Woven Patches

Custom Woven Patches

Custom woven patches capture fine details with exceptional clarity, thanks to the close-knit weaving process. Providing a sleek, polished appearance, these patches make a stylish statement while ensuring your intricate designs or brand stand out.

Custom Woven Patches

Advantages of Our Custom Woven Patches

Affordable Pricing

We strive to deliver top-tier custom products at pocket-friendly prices. Our competitive rates make high-quality customization accessible to diverse budgets.

Quick Turnaround

Swift and efficient, our production process ensures a speedy delivery so you can put your custom products to use faster.


Start small with our minimum order quantity of just 50 pieces. Ideal for trial runs or small-scale requirements.

Free Sample

We believe in our quality. To prove it, we offer a free sample for you to assess the quality before committing to a full order.

Unleash Endless Creativity with Custom Woven Patches

Custom Size

Choose the perfect dimensions for your patch, accommodating any design or placement needs.

Custom Color

Select from a broad palette to accurately represent your brand or artistic vision.

Custom Border

Merrowed or die-cut edges, each offering a different aesthetic and durability profile.

Custom Shape

Round, square, or custom shapes, cater to the unique demands of your design.

Backing Option

Iron-on, Velcro, adhesive, or sew-on options offer flexibility for application on custom woven patches

Custom Design

Fully customizable design options allow you to bring any concept or brand logo to life.

From Vision to Fabric:
The Artistry Behind Unique Custom Woven Patches

Patch Making Manufacturer

Crafting unique woven patches is an art that combines creativity and exceptional craftsmanship. At the heart of our process, we understand that each patch tells a story, reflecting the essence of a brand or individual style. We leverage a palette of vibrant colors and a variety of shapes and sizes to breathe life into your visions. With precise weaving techniques, our skilled artisans transform intricate designs into tangible, high-quality patches. These woven emblems showcase fine details, ensuring that even the most complex logos stand out. From the selection of durable threads to the application of various backing options, every step is a testament to our dedication to quality and your unique vision. Each custom woven patch we create is more than just an accessory; it’s a manifestation of creativity and craftsmanship.

Backing Options
Choosing the Right Backing for Your Woven Patch

With our custom woven patches, you can choose from a range of backing options to suit your needs. Whether it’s iron-on, Velcro, adhesive, or sew-on, each offers a unique blend of convenience and durability, ensuring your patch stays securely attached.

Border & Edge Option
Unleashing Border & Edge Possibilities

Our woven patches feature finely crafted borders and edges, bringing a polished finish to each piece. With options ranging from traditional merrowed border to custom laser cut edge, you get enhanced durability and a neat, professional look that perfectly complements your unique design.

Turning Your Unique Custom Woven Patch Ideas into Vibrant, Tactile Reality

Embrace the magic of transformation as we bring your custom woven patch ideas to life. Our process harmoniously blends innovative technology and skilled craftsmanship, intricately weaving each thread to manifest your vision. Your concept, translated into vibrant threads, becomes a tangible emblem of your unique identity.

turn your patch idea into living

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FAQ of Custom Woven Patches

What are custom woven patches?

Custom woven patches are emblems made by weaving threads together. They are highly customizable in terms of design, color, shape, and size, and are often used to brand clothing, uniforms, or other textiles.

How are custom woven patches different from embroidered patches?

The primary difference lies in the level of detail and texture. Woven patches are made with thinner threads that are woven together, allowing for greater detail. Embroidered patches, on the other hand, use thicker threads and have a more textured, raised feel.

What are the different types of backing options for woven patches?

Common options include iron-on, sew-on, velcro, adhesive, and pin backings. The choice depends on how you intend to apply the patch.

Are there size limitations for custom woven patches?

While there are generally no strict size limits, the size of a woven patch can affect the level of detail that can be effectively displayed.

How durable are custom woven patches?

Woven patches are highly durable and are resistant to fading, fraying, and shrinking. They're designed to withstand numerous washes.

Can woven patches be made in any shape?

Yes, woven patches can be cut into virtually any shape. Complex shapes might be subject to certain limitations or may require an additional cost.

Can woven patches be used outdoors?

Yes, woven patches are typically durable enough for outdoor use. However, prolonged exposure to harsh weather conditions might eventually affect their appearance.

What type of materials can woven patches be attached to?

Woven patches can be attached to various materials, such as denim, cotton, polyester, and leather. However, the method of attachment may vary depending on the material.

Are there minimum order requirements for custom woven patches?

Our MOQ it's 50pcs of each design for custom woven patches.


Explore our vibrant gallery showcasing an array of custom woven patches. Each piece is a testament to superior craftsmanship, highlighting intricate designs, rich color palettes, and diverse shapes. Discover the limitless potential of your brand as you navigate this fabric artistry collection.

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