Custom Remove Before Flight Tags

Custom Remove before flight tags

Custom flight tags offer a unique branding solution with a nod to aviation heritage. These durable and vibrant tags, customizable with your logo or message, add a distinctive touch to luggage or keys while enhancing brand visibility.

Custom Remove before flight tags

Advantages of Our
Custom Flight Tags

Affordable Pricing

Our Remove Before Flight keychains blend quality and affordability. Get your customized flight tags without a hefty price tag.

Quick Turnaround

We understand the value of time. That's why our fast processing and speedy delivery ensures your custom flight tags arrive when you need them.

Low Minimum

Starting a small project or event? No problem. With a low minimum order of just 50 pieces, we accommodate all needs, big or small.

Free Sample

Not convinced yet? Request a free sample! Witness the premium quality of our flight tags firsthand before you commit. We're confident you'll be impressed.

Choosing Your Ideal Tag
Exploring the Advantages of Embroidered and Woven Flight Tags

Custom Remove before flight tags embroidery

Embroidery Flight Tag

These tags offer a rich, tactile experience due to their raised texture, giving your design a distinct, eye-catching appearance. Ideal for intricate designs, the quality embroidery brings out vivid colors and detailed artwork for a standout, luxurious feel.

Texture & Feel
Detail Level
Color Vibrancy
Custom Remove before flight tags woven

Woven Flight Tags

Woven tags, on the other hand, are perfect for precise, complex patterns. These flat tags allow for a high level of detail, resulting in a clean, modern look. They are durable, cost-effective, and maintain a sharp, clear image over time, making them perfect for regular use.

Texture & Feel
Detail Level
Color Vibrancy
Crafting Your Identity
The Ultimate Customization of Remove Before Flight Tags

Vibrant Color Palette

While the standard hue is an aviation-inspired red, your color options are boundless. Feel free to select any shade that aligns with your style or brand identity.

Choice of Material

At WetopMake, quality and preference go hand-in-hand. Whether you lean towards the elegance of woven fabric or the intricate detail of embroidery, your choices are respected and catered to.

Text Embroidery

Add a personal message, initials, a funny quote, or even an inside joke. Make your flight tag a reflection of your personality or values.

Attachment Options

Select from a variety of attachments including standard key rings, carabiner clips, or even a luggage loop.

Adaptable Size Options

While the traditional sizes of the tags are 13cmX2.8cm and 12.5cmX2.5cm, we welcome the idea of individuality. Thus, customized size options are readily available to cater to your specific needs.

Double-Sided Design

Make the most of your tag. Opt for different messages, colors, or logos on each side for a truly unique piece.

Logo Addition

Incorporate your business or personal logo for an added professional touch, perfect for corporate gifts or promotional items.

Edge Style Customization

o further enhance the appearance of your tag, you can select the edge style that fits your aesthetic. Choose between a classic stitched border for a traditional look, or opt for a hot cut edge for a clean, contemporary finish.

Custom Remove before flight tags
More Than Just a Tag:
The Transformative Power of Customization

Custom Remove Before Flight tags blend together both function and flair in an exceptionally convenient package. As a feature, their high-quality construction ensures lasting durability while their brightly colored and distinct design catches the eye, making them impossible to overlook.


However, it’s their unique customizability that sets them apart. You can personalize these tags to reflect your style or message, morphing them from a standard safety accessory into a statement piece. This custom feature opens up a myriad of uses beyond their aviation origin. Transform them into striking keychains, luggage identifiers, or eye-catching zipper pulls.


The benefits are two-fold. On one hand, they serve as practical tools, helping prevent the loss of items or reminding you of vital tasks. On the other hand, their individualistic appeal acts as an expression of your personality or interests, adding a touch of individuality to your belongings. The Custom Remove Before Flight tags thus offer a symbiotic blend of practicality and personality, revolutionizing the way you view everyday accessories.

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FAQ of Custom Remove Before Flight Tags

What are Remove Before Flight tags?

Remove Before Flight tags are safety warnings used in aviation to indicate that a device, such as a cover or a pin, needs to be removed before the aircraft takes off. They are now also popularly used as keychains or luggage tags.

Can I customize the size of my flight tag?

Absolutely! While there are traditional sizes available, you can request a custom size to cater to your specific needs.

What material options are there for the flight tags?

The tags can be made from woven fabric or embroidery, based on your preference.

Can I have different designs on each side of the flight tag?

Yes, you can opt for different messages, colors, or logos on each side for a truly unique piece.

Can these tags be used for purposes other than aviation?

Absolutely! These tags can be used as keychains, luggage identifiers, zipper pulls, or even decorative pieces for your backpack.

Are there attachment options for the flight tags?

Yes, you can choose from a variety of attachments including standard key rings, carabiner clips, or even a luggage loop.

Can I order bulk Custom flight tags for corporate gifts or promotional items?

Yes, we welcome bulk orders and can even incorporate your business logo into the design.

Can these remove before flight tags be shipped internationally?

Yes, we offer international shipping options for our Custom RBF tags. Typically we will used FedEx/DHL for shipping.

What's the turnaround time for a custom order?

The turnaround time may vary based on the complexity and size of the order, Generally takes 1 - 2 weeks, We recommend getting in touch with us directly for a more accurate timeline. 


Step into our gallery and witness the remarkable transformation of ideas into tangible art. Here, you’ll find a diverse collection of Custom flight tags, each telling a unique story of creativity and quality. Discover the array of colors, sizes, designs, and witness the manifestation of personalized concepts into finely crafted tags.

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